Inside HA


Inside HA

Take a peak at how we work, we also host open houses and invite people to be a part of a beautiful process of how we take our inspirations and thoughts forward.


Design and Details

Designing and details are the vitals of our entire process. From taking inspiration to illustrating, exploration to live swatches, we believe in the primary data of self and admire the ever changing tiny details in all our process. Nothing is the same in Nature, no leaf is same and that ignites our inventiveness rooting towards all our aspects. We take this direction towards the tree of acceptance where all our social causes, circular choices and acceptance of all comes as major fount. 

oh and of course Flowers are everything. We believe in Flowers will bless us all, and trust us.. They do. <3


Making and Finishing

We hand craft every single product that we put out there, it has always been our priority that as designers we are not involved just in the process of visualisation and creative aspects but as well as the technicalities of the process. We trust the experience of the past and the vision of the future, so together with the craftswomen and men, we all believe in working together as a team and not hierarchy.

“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads.”