Value System

Placing our value system at the core of our heart is a big commitment and this principle of trust is very essential for the sustainable development of our brand. This system is not only based on law and regulations but equally committed to the values of our group. It must be embodied by everyone who works with and for HA, in their daily activities, whatever their nationality, location, position or seniority in the business.The progression of the topics doesn't define their importance. All the points are equally important and crucial for our value system and stand parallel.



The Moral Responsibility

Firstly goes towards the environment, not just in terms of being eco-friendly but also making a conscious effort by using materials which might go in landfill or are thrown away as waste. We try to reuse everything that we accumulate as waste and make the best of it. Nothing at our Fashion/Textile house goes into the bin, until and unless we can’t figure out how to use it further and even after that we try to save it and give it to people who can re-use, recycle or repurpose it. Our moral responsibility is to use what is already out there and figure out the optimum use for the material, be it left over dye baths or cut out pieces of cloth but everything can be used in a way where it can ultimately end up on a zero-waste concept. We are still on a journey to accomplish it fully but by 2027, we plan on even reusing our water from the dye baths again and again. 



Transparent process

This is the responsibility that comes from the conscious core we have because we don’t just believe in new, original ideas but we also believe in people who come up with new ways to keep doing what has always been done and for that we have always given credit because everything deserves to be heard and acknowledged. 

Providing acknowledgement promotes the will to work and sustain the idea with a hint of modernity which evolves with us every day. 

Evolution is another crucial value we believe in. As an ever growing community, we evolve and adapt. 

As a conscious business, we make sure it stays true to the process and the values that we abide by not just in terms of the tangible materials that we use but also owe our staff and colleagues respect and fair treatment. 

We promote human resources that contribute to our community, to professionalism, empowerment and satisfaction all by offering various opportunities for self growth and independent standing. To serve our moral duty towards the crafts and techniques we work with, we share our knowledge of skill and technology with the traditional craftsmen to adapt them with time for a better future.

As firm believers of showcasing a transparent process, we market our products or services with set standards and regulations in terms of quality, safety, and provide transparent, reliable and fair information. Our client relations stand on fairness and honesty.


Working environment

We make sure at HA we respect human rights and labour laws, and comply with laws and regulations on the environment, health and safety. We stand against child labour. 

We encourage freedom of speech and expression, and respect the experience one comes with to our team.We firmly believe in equal pay and respect all sexual orientations as a part of Team HA. 

We do not entertain people who disrespect on the basis of community or belief system. 

We do not tolerate any kind of harassment, discrimination, bullying or disrespectful behaviour whether psychological, sexual or consisting of abuse of power.

Harassment may be subject to disciplinary penalties or in some cases even criminal proceedings.To ensure good health and well being of our employees, we maintain a work balance for our team and ourselves. Extra working hours invite fair pay for extra services rendered. We also offer leave in case of sickness, maternity leave or in times of loss and sorrow. 

We have a no tolerance policy towards misuse of company’s property and assets. All team members are liable to be respectful to their workspace and use it well.

All team members maintain confidentiality regarding the work process happening inside HA. 

Anyone who breaches this would be subject to expulsion from all duties. We don't accept any kind of deception leading to fraudulent activities. Forgery of goods, identity theft and stealing sensitive information result in legal actions.



We are constantly evolving with our Value System and this is just the beginning and promise to stand by it till HA goes on. We are trying to set our foundation so strong that our structure is non collapsible and that can only be achieved by being true to our conscious efforts.We hope to add to this every time we spread and just wish for Lots of Flowers for everyone <3

Heena Sukhani (Creative Director; Founder) 

- Agrima Blana (Chief Executive; Founder)