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Iranian Madder

Iranian Madder

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Botanically known as Rubia tinctorum

One of the oldest known dyestuff, dyer’s madder is an herb like plant, light green in colour with long branching roots concentrated with numerous red colourants. The plant is harvested in autumn. It is very variable and occurs in different varieties in different areas.

Part of Plant Used

The root holds the red colour and can be used as a fresh whole form or in the powdered form as well.


It is native to the middle east and eastern parts of the Mediterranean. It grows naturally in hedges, roadsides etc in southern and central Europe in areas where it was once cultivated. 

Dyeing with Iranian Madder

Madder is consistent of multiple dyeing agents and can result in colours like reds, browns, pinks and purples if manipulated correctly. The best results of madder are achieved by extraction of dye colour at 70ºC. It was used significantly in India in Chintz and in Europe for calico printing. The colour gives beautiful red on silk, wool and cotton. Best results are seen on cotton and linen.

*Also can be used as Soap Making Colorant and Candle Making Colorant.

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