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Botanically known as Punica granatum

A deciduous spiny shrub or small unarmed tree of 5m height with 4-angled twigs. It consists of red silky flowers with 5-7 petals crumpled in buds. The fruit is big upto 12cm diameter with a rind and numerous seeds inside, each surrounded by a crimson pulp.

Part of Plant Used

The rind of the fruit is mainly used for dyeing the textiles. The bark of the root, trunk and branches are also used. 


Native to area extending from Southeastern Europe and southeastern Mediterranean countries to the Himalayas. Cultivated in hot countries all over the world.

Dyeing with Pomegranate

A yellowish-fawn colour can be achieved by dyeing with pomegranate rinds (without mordanting). Mordanting with alum or iron is optional with this material. With alum mordant, the result is a golden yellow, while with iron mordant it gives greys and blacks. These colours are light and wash resistant. Most dyeing recipes require the weight of rind to be equal to the weight of fibre or fabric to be dyed. The use of pomegranate skin as a source of yellow dye over indigo is uses to obtain greens and particularly dark greens. Bottle green and emerald green can be made by the use of iron mordant.

*Also can be used as Soap Making colorant and Candle Making colourant.

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